Teach People To Be Better

Teach People To Be Better We teach people how to communicate through every conversation.

Each Conversation Stands Alone

Each Conversation Stands Alone I’m a terrible person. I look at people’s historical actions, problems, and trends to help me decide if I want to engage in a conversation, negotiation, or generally deal with someone.

Are You Being Assertive?

Are You Being Assertive? Everyone has a definition of assertiveness and aggressiveness based on their life experiences.

How to Improve Small Group Conversations

How to Improve Small Group Conversations? Encouraging conversations and collaboration in small groups is difficult.

Talk With NOT To people

Do you talk with or talk to people? Talking to people is a transactional act of giving and receiving information.

Bid For Connection

Bids are important in relationships. They build trust and connection, or they break trust and connection based on our response.

You Cannot NOT Communicate

You cannot NOT communicate. When you are not communicating through stonewalling, avoidance, or silence you are communicating.

Job Searches Sucks

2021 is an exciting ride so far. I was one of two people who were part of a reduction in force, with my last day being December 31st, 2020.

3 Confidence Skills

Confidence isn’t a birthright some of us have and others don’t.

Ship30for30 Day 30 - Was 30 Days of Writing Worth It?

Was writing a 250-word essay every day for 30 days worth it?