Job Searches Sucks

Thu, Mar 18, 2021 2-minute read

2021 is an exciting ride so far. I was one of two people who were part of a reduction in force, with my last day being December 31st, 2020.

I was extremely pleased to be reduced. I was excavating a massive hole into depression and burnout within the team culture and dynamics.

Starting an adventure to search for a team and company where I would be included and appreciated for my versatile skillset was a scary start to a new year in an on-going pandemic.

My days are filled with interviews, calls with recruiters, emails, and all the normal job search work. This job search is different. I have been having great conversations and interviews, all with the potential to alter the course of my career.

Before job searches were this tedious process where I hoped things would work out, fretted, paced, and worried about my future.

Now, I look at job searching as a process of meeting people. That’s really what the process is, meeting people, having conversations, and feeling out if a relationship can be built on both sides.

Work is about the people and relationships, not the technical skills, paperwork, etc. Anyone can do or be trained to do most of the technical aspects of work (within reason), while the interpersonal aspects are the most important side.

Interpersonal relationships define if we hate going into work, or love going into work. If we have good interpersonal relationships, we are more likely to enjoy our work.

What internal or external mindset shift would help you?