3 Confidence Skills

Wed, Mar 17, 2021 2-minute read

Confidence isn’t a birthright some of us have and others don’t. It is a combination of several skills we all can learn. Confidence is largely being comfortable and being adaptable in social interactions.

There are three main skills we can develop to improve our confidence:

  1. Emotional Intelligence

Improving our emotional intelligence (EI) will help our confidence. EI helps us look at the emotional states of ourselves and others.

Being able to pick up and understand the emotional states of others in a moment gives us the ability to adjust our course of action based on other emotions. This gives us more confidence in our interactions and the ability to improvise when emotions change the course.

  1. Self-awareness

Self-awareness helps us understand our tension signals, and how we can release our tension. Understanding this helps us adjust ourselves to be more comfortable in the moment.

  1. Flow

Part of confidence is being able to find the flow state in social interaction and reduce actively thinking about the interaction. Find the flow state in interactions can be hard – I’m an analytical introvert making it really hard.

When you can find the flow state in social interaction, adjust to emotional states, and feel comfortable with yourself, people will perceive confidence from you.

The more you practice these three skills, the easier manifesting confidence will be. Practicing these won’t be easier and it takes time, but won’t you feel it, you’ll be hooked.