Ship30for30 Day 30 - Was 30 Days of Writing Worth It?

Tue, Mar 16, 2021 2-minute read

Was writing a 250-word essay every day for 30 days worth it?

I’m undecided.

Here are my thoughts:

My writing is clearer from focusing on using active voice, instead of my habitual passive voice.

My Twitter account went from abandoned for seven years to active, and zero metrics to some metrics. I doubt I would be back on Twitter otherwise. I have a larger Twitter base than last time I actively used Twitter, and I have met some amazing people on Twitter during the thirty days.

I’m not convinced I came out with better processes. My getting things done processes weren’t my problem; my problem was seeing the time/value trade-off of writing and publishing online for my career and personal brand.

I’m not sure my writing topics clarified my brand or career trajectory. Several hiring managers kicked me out of their hiring funnels because I wasn’t writing about technical topics in IT; this feels crazy to me, but it’s their teams.

Still, I see the value of continuing to write online to work on skills like copywriting, clarifying ideas, and building an online impression of my persona, was worth meeting amazing new people and slightly improving my writing skills.

No, in that I didn’t come out of the thirty days with new skills, lost a few opportunities due to the course, and I don’t feel any more or less capable than before the 30 days.

These are my thoughts based on what I had going on and how I feel the course helped me.

Writing for 30 days is worth trying. You never know what impact it will have on your life.