Teach People To Be Better

Wed, Mar 31, 2021 2-minute read

Teach People To Be Better

We teach people how to communicate through every conversation.

Through conversations, you have the opportunity to teach others how to be better communicators, and teach new communication skills.

You can demonstrate better communication skills, and group facilitation skills by using the skills in conversations with people who may need to learn them.

Being an example of good communication skills not only sets an example for those around to learn new skills. Practicing in communication skills helps improve your competence in the skills which improves your confidence.

You can demonstrate how to calibrate open-ended questions; demo labeling and mirroring, engage in conflict resolution when it arise in meetings to show how to empathy reduces conflict.

Using new communication skills in-front of people who don’t know the skills, cannot effectively utilize the skills, or are resistant is scary. Flexing new skills like calibrating open-ended questions in a meeting of your peers is scary. There feels like a huge opportunity to fail in front of peers by doing something different.

Honestly? Many people won’t notice new communication skills. People are usually only listening long enough to respond; they aren’t listening close enough to catch variations in your communication skills.

Those who notice the new skills, likely, won’t say anything. If they do say provide feedback, then its a good sign.