Bid For Connection

Wed, Mar 24, 2021 One-minute read

Bids are important in relationships. They build trust and connection, or they break trust and connection based on our response.

There are three ways to respond to bids:

  1. Turn toward the bid

We turn toward a bid when we stop what we are doing and respond with a thoughtful response.

  1. Turn away from the bid

We turn away from bids when we don’t stop what we are going, and respond with a short or simple answer.

  1. Turn against the bid

Turning against a bid is when we respond with an attack against the person.

Stronger relationships tend to have a higher number of bids and responses to bids. Relationships trending toward problems have few bids and people are more likely to respond by turning away or against.

Making bids every day and responding to as many bids as possible builds better relationships. Don’t worry about not responding to every single bid, but responding to those you can respond to.

Every day bids can be things like messages before tough meetings, best wishes for a new job, notes of encouragement, etc showing you are involved and want to connect.

Bids can be used in all of our relationships. They show the other person we are interested and want to connect with them.