Negotiation Anything - How to Be an Effective Leader While Under Pressure

I saw “How to Be an Effective Leader While Under Pressure With David Arrington” on the Negotiate Anything podcast popup in my feed while I was catching up on my podcasts from the holidays Kwame’s podcast typically makes my must-listen list, because his conversations are full of helpful conversation tips and negotiation skills.

MotionEye - Lessons Learned

Here are my random notes and learnings from setting up MotionEye on Centos 8 in a docker container.

Monica Personal CRM build in AWS

Here are the high-level steps. Create a VPC Create two subnets in the VPC.

Monica Personal CRM build locally in Docker

I created a local docker-compose to stand up a development/testing instance for my personal usage.

Negotiation Anything - Throwback Episode: How to Listen for Connection and Persuasion with Jessica Pettitt

I was listening to Negotiation Anything while catching up on my huge podcast backlog over the 2020 holidays.

Powershell Notes - Advanced Automated Administration Class

These are my notes from the Global Knowledge “Advanced Automated Administration with Powershell” class.

Nutanix CE Notes

Verify all hosts and CVMs are in the same time zone.

Nutanix CE Cluster Build

I was slowly purchasing used equipment to build out a storage cluster to replace an underpowered whitebox NAS.