Celebrate Transitions

Tue, Apr 13, 2021 2-minute read

Celebrate Transitions

When we are hiring for a team or building a new team, we are building a small community. We define and build the rituals of inducting people from non-team members to team members. This transition is a rite of passage.

Rites of passage are important to acknowledge as we build our team. We want to create a ritual to acknowledge and celebrate new people joining the team, and celebrate as members move on to other things.

Celebrating transitions help strengthen the transition by increasing how special the event feels, build emotional inclusion, and define the person’s as a member of the community.

Our rite of passages to join and exit our team needs to grow and change based on the members of our teams. We don’t want the events to grow stale or worse become disconnected from the team community. When the celebration becomes stale or disconnected the celebration becomes less important and less definitive about defining the transition.

Celebrating transitions of our team members is difficult, especially with remote work, and in certain technical fields. It is important to build celebration and rituals of transitions and successes of our team members into our culture because the celebrations and rituals will build a better community. Better community will build better interpersonal relationships and better teamwork.

I know celebrating rites of passages and creating team rituals isn’t high on everyone’s busy schedules, and takes time away from getting things done. However, the time is well invested to make people feel seen and important.