Ship30for30 Day 29 - One Question to Promote Understanding

Mon, Mar 15, 2021 2-minute read

One Question to Promote Understanding
When someone is being resistant, negative, stubborn, etc we assume they are the source of the problem and label them as such.

We might be acting or communicating in a way that triggers a reaction in another person. Our tone of voice might be off, our microexpressions might be sending mixed signals, the words we use might be a problem.

It is intention vs impact. We have our intent in communication; however, the impact of the communication is determined by the life experience of the other person or people.

I recommended not abdicating responsibility for your part in communication.

Ask yourself: What am I doing to create this situation?

Take a deep examination of what you were saying, how you were acting, and the reaction of the other person to what was happening.

Consider what you were doing and whether it was positively or negatively affecting the situation. Take actions generating a negative response, then dissect them. Involve people who will provide honest feedback about you.

I struggle with self-examination of my communication. Blaming another resolves me and you from hard self-analysis and robs us of the ability to improve. We control our actions; only from self-analysis can we improve our communication skills to build better relationships.

Next time a conversation or communication is going unexpectedly ask yourself: How are my actions and words creating this situation? Then change your actions to see how things improve.