Ship30for30 Day 28 - How's your culture?

Sun, Mar 14, 2021 2-minute read

How’s your culture?
Culture rolls downhill.

Leaders, whether actual leaders or leaders by title, set the culture through their actions, words, and attitude. The actions, words, and attitudes are adopted by the staff who will act in the same manner to be part of the group.

Leaders who set an example of anti-collaboration, self-importance, and willingness to set peers and coworkers up for failure will generate a culture of the same values.

As leaders, we have to understand our personal values and how those values intersect with our work. If our values differ from those we advocate at work, we need to take some time to self-reflect.

How do we want to affect the culture?

How do our values improve the culture?

If our values, as leaders or employees, don’t align with the business values, we may need to find a place where our values are aligned. A clash of incongruent values will result in the values of leadership being expressed because people in the group will often reflect the values and actions of those in authority to demonstrate they belong to the group.

If the business does not reflect your values, how will the incongruence affect you?

I will say, from my experience and observation, the clash of values wears on employees and generates a highly negative and unhealthy environment.

If the people and culture around you do not reflect the values and culture you want, consider your options.

If you can change the culture without affecting your health, it might be worth staying. If the culture is beyond your ability to influence, consider what’s best for your mental and emotional health.