Ship30for30 Day 24 - Are We The Difficult Person?

Wed, Mar 10, 2021 2-minute read

Are We The Difficult Person?
All of us label people through life.

Difficult, aggressive, disinterested, argumentative, etc, unhelpful, etc.

But, what if we are the difficult person by labeling someone else?

By attaching a label to a person, we are defining them through our experiences without understanding the reasoning behind their actions. We define a box then stick them in the box then find more reasons to validate sticking them in the box.

We find and create reasons reinforcing the label attached to a person.

In essence, we are changing ourselves and our viewpoints to explain an unknown by the other person. We base our labels on how people have previously acted toward us.

We aren’t understanding the reasoning behind their actions.

Instead of labeling, take a few minutes to reach out to the other person and have a conversation to understand where they are coming from, and why they express themselves in a certain way?

Maybe that difficult person feels they have to be difficult to help the team thoroughly examine ideas, maybe they have personal issues going on, maybe there is a disconnect between our expectations and their actions.

We can validate our decisions on labeling a person all day; however, it takes courage and vulnerability to put the label aside.

Listen to their viewpoint.

Understand their viewpoint.

Help them express themselves in a positive manner.

Help yourself reduce difficult people in your life through compassion and understanding conversations.