Ship30for30 Day 22 - I'm Not Graceful

Mon, Mar 8, 2021 2-minute read

I’m Not Graceful
I’m laying on my bed, the day before Thanksgiving, flipping through websites on my laptop looking from an out-of-the-ordinary distraction while some show streams on my TV.

I need a new and out of my skillset distraction to keep me busy for a few months. Programming and my home lab are out. I am completely burnt out on technology. I don’t want to deal with rebuilding clusters, rebuilding my dev environment, etc, and I don’t want to find a new network switch for my lab.

I’m on Youtube watching videos when I stumble down a stream of locking, popping, hip hop, and other dance styles videos.

I think, “I’d love to be comfortable and confident to dance like these people, but I’m no dancer. Just an awkward nerd.” I go back and forth with my inner voice for a few days until I stumble on an excellent deal for an online dance class.

I figure “why not?”

I’m going to be stuck around the house due to COVID for a few more months, and I’ll be out of work starting on the new year.

I signed up immediately!

Every day since, I am having a blast learning a new dance skill! I can’t say I’ll be a better person, or show off any moves on a dance floor; however, I am having fun while improving my self-confidence. I’m still not graceful, yet there is more comfort in my ability to move my body around.

If you consider yourself a non-dancer: give it a try!
Its more fun than you think!