Ship30for30 Day 20 - 3 Ways To a Better IT Person

Sat, Mar 6, 2021 2-minute read

3 Ways To a Better IT Person
People think I’m joking when I say IT is more about communication and interpersonal relationships now than technology. I believe this because now we are spending more time influencing and selling ideas to leadership, and interacting with our customers (internal or external).

From my experience, these are the three things that would help many people in the IT field and other fields:

  1. Improve your interpersonal skills

We spend every day communicating with peers, customers, and leadership. Improving our emotional intelligence, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills lets us better negotiate and communicate with others to reach our goals. Communication builds relationships and career options and even can help us in our personal lives.

  1. Check some of your ego at the door

Some of us, me included, could reduce our arrogance and self-centeredness to listen to those around us. We can’t know everything. Listening to other’s positions and ideas may open up the path to an even better solution!

  1. Mentor and Give back to others in the field

Most of us got to where we are with the help of others. If we spend time to help nurture, train, and grow the next generation of people in IT, we can help them be better than we are. We can help them have more options and better skills than we have. We all have blind spots where we need to improve – I know I have a ton! Helping others improve helps us improve too, and helps grow our relationships.

What do you think would help improve people in the IT field?