Ship30for30 Day 11 - Love Your Team

Thu, Feb 25, 2021 2-minute read

Love Your Team

We work with the same team members, team leaders, and managers 2,080 hours or more per year. We spend as much time during the day with our coworkers as we do with our families and friends.

I’ve heard coworkers say things along the lines of I don’t need to like my coworkers, I don’t need to have connections with coworkers. How can you not want to have a connection with the people you spend so much time around?

How can we not want to understand the hopes, dreams, problems of those we spend 2,080 hours or more a year with?

How can we not love those we work with – not romantic love – but a deep affection and belief that wants to see the other person succeed in their hopes and dreams?

People say to keep a division between work and personal life. Showing up every day to work with people we don’t care about or understand is emotionally draining.

How can we lead teams we don’t love?

If we don’t love our team, how will we know when a person needs to move on to something greater? How can we carry a vision of our team members' greatness and success until they see and believe the vision if we don’t love them and care about them?

Reach out to people and build relationships by learning what makes drives them, what they care about.

Bring them into your life, even if it is only for short time, and grow with them.