Ship30for30 Day 3 - Shared stories build bonds

Wed, Feb 17, 2021 2-minute read

Shared stories build bonds
Storytelling is one of those things that elicits polarizing opinions. Many say they hate it and others say it’s essential; stories are a fantastic way to build connections, share our experiences, and build rapport.

Tearjearking stories are those stories that elicit an emotional response as we struggle to overcome an obstacle – they may be called obstacle stories or overcoming the monster stories. I like tearjerking as a mnemonic because it helps me remember to build an emotional connection and emotional tension.

I like the three-part story format for quick stories.

First set up the scene, introduce any characters, or implement a hook to capture the audience’s attention.

Second, explore the confrontation with the obstacle. Explore the failed attempts to overcome, the emotional impact of the failures, and the impact of the obstacle on ourselves.

Finally, wrap up the story with a resolution, good or bad, about how the obstacle was overcome, and work in a call to action if warranted.

In my opinion, tearjerking stories don’t need a call to action. I believe the story should guide a response, stir confidence in overcoming a problem or share an experience.

Keeping ourselves open to sharing our tearjerking stories helps people understand our struggles, and helps to show we aren’t all perfect.

In your next conversation, take a moment to consider telling a tear-jerking story and see if it builds a better experience.

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